Not the ones on the road, the left one that’s just tight as all get out, the only fallout from riding my first metric in over a year Monday with a camelbak after I did 30 miles Friday with it hanging not-quite-right (or not quite left?)…

Delightful ride in with rain.   5:45 the wind suddenly picked up and trees were dancing madly outside the window so … I checked radar and a waving curtain of red yellow and green was wafting southward.   I emailed that I’d prob’ly be on the bus.

By 7:30, though, the “red” … wasn’t.   I didn’t check the radar again but the wind had died down and it was just raining, and every 5 or ten minutes there would be a rumble.

In hindsight I’d have been better taking the approach of the other fellow on a bicycle out there, and dressed lightly as if I were going swimming and pedaled hard enough to stay comfortably warm.   The rain pants that probably didn’t keep my legs dry (but I wore shorts assuming if I wore work stuff they’d get wet) and the Gore-tex jacket were entirely too warm for peppy pedaling, and I was on the Transport, so my average was about 9.3 mph and I’ve been rolling over 11 this past week (primarily because there’s no traffic to speak of).

Other event of note: Yesterday, for the first time that I remember*ever*, the light on Church and State was green when I got there.

Think I’ll break out the heating pad when I get home…

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