Oh, and the Gazelle…

I should take pics of it, too, except they would make you sad or mad.   My third bike ride of four was to ride over to The Bike Project and get James’ opinion of an injury to it.   Welp, that one place with chipped paint, he declared:   “That’s sound, no problem.”   Then he went to the bottom bracket, which is rust central… oh, and the place where the thing inexplicably deemed a “seat stay”  connects back to the hub of the wheel … oh, and the other place on the other seat stay halfway through? The tapping of the wrench upon them yielded a “not sound” sound.   “The rust is deep.”   (Yes, and it never sleeps…)

I’m afraid he didn’t even look on the left side of the bike.  “You have to stop riding this bike.”   (Not that day — it didn’t break on the ride home…)

So… I can swap out the dynamo hub sooner than later… and I suppose put that little carrying bag on something…

Time to get productive housework wise but there are pics of the charger-dynamo-USB set up to come…



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