Better than tolerant

I’ve had to go through campus a few times this past week, where there’s the usual construction happening despite the budget calamities.   (The twerds supposedly running our state  have, basically, signed off on a six month sort of budget — like getting another credit card to pay off this one because of the deadline, but with worse interest and further damage to credit rating because that will only pay the upcoming bills, not the unpaid ones from the *past year* of many, many defaults.   I was surprised to hear that many of them have not been paid since April or so and I wonder what it’s like to be the comptroller who actually writes the checks.)

It seems they have allowed a path through the construction for bicycles.   They had left a bit of a path – hopping curbs and dodging debris — before; and this has its share of gravel and debris, but you can get across the road to the bike paths.

I don’t k now if this was done after hue and cry (in which case we’re still in “tolerant” category, but they are at least listening) or if it was a recognized need (adding a tiny silver tinge to the bronze).
Now, the tinge would be even brighter if there were a clue given as to which paths go through to where.   It’s not obvious — all of the through-paths go around things and under things so none of them *look* likely.   Still, lots better than this from earlier this year:


Parked there for over a week. Typical Mother U attitude towards non Single Occupant Motorized Vehicles.

… and this past week — in doldrums of summer — there seemed to be lots and lots of joggers out.   Maybe they’re just out there earlier (we go in half an hour early these 8 weeks and get Fridays off)…

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