Well, crap, ridewithgps

So  I just automatically paid my premium membership at ridewithgps and … voila!  It doesn’t work any more.   Oh, if I have my laptop wiht me on the bike I can download things, well, except I’d have to buy the wifi hotspot too… but no, on the phone I am no longer a member.   I even made sure to Log In as the right Sue Jones in case “log in via facebook” got it lost.

It’s really, really annoying to be told to upgrade my account.

So I go out onto the internet and log in and … “open in the app”  — oh, sorry, that web page not available.

And SUnday is hardly the day to expect a support ticket reply and I am pretty darned sure they’re not going to be able to help.   They don’t even know how to label their form as email address to get android to pull up the right keyboard (much less trigger the automatic completion).   (Note to self:   if you put that into your app, do that)…


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