Bit of a bummer

Okay, I really, really want to secede from this craphole of a state. Downstaters can do better!  I know *everybody* isn’t a corrupt, greedy slimeball!

Bike pulls up beside me:  “Hey, wanted to say goodbye.”   He’s going to Indiana to teach there (slight emphasis on the word “there”).

“Oh,” says I, “Lots of people in education are going to other states these days.”


This whole fiscal year — from last July 1 — they haven’t made a budget at all, so… except for enough court ordered payments & special cases, the bills aren’t getting paid. So they’ve carefully picked the things that will help them most politically to pay for (including a 100,00 $ position to be an assistant to the governor’s wife).

The rape crisis center — cut down to one emergency hotline (where they can tell you I suppose to go to the police but there’s no counseling any more)… drug treatment… mental health facilities…. they’ve just tossed some scraps — between 30-60% of what they budgeted last year — at colleges & universities (again, granting more to the places that are more politically noticed).

Ride of silence tonight…  and it’s beautiful out there, and my co-worker has ridden in today and yesterday (yes, rainy yesterday).


4 responses to “Bit of a bummer

  1. Richard Masoner

    I’m hunting for a little background on your budget crisis, find a story about House Speaker Michael Madigan and Governor Bruce Rauner working on a deal, something about sugar taxes, and …

    waitaminute, what?!! Madigan is still speaker? He’s still alive?

    If you think Illinois’ budget process is a mess, you should look at California.

    • Erm… good point. It makes me almost understand some aspects of conservative thinking…

      • Richard Masoner

        It was conservative tax measure that got us into a lot of the mess we’re in. Prop 13 strictly limits the state’s taxing authority and cut property taxes. The result is the most regressive taxing system in America and all kinds of crazy financial workarounds to make anything work around here.

  2. Oh, we’re at least not horribly regressive… and I remember Prop 13 — and I think it was before I was an NPR listener… it was just so stupid that the whole country knew about it. I didn’t know conservative from liberal — I figured people had skipped their arithmetic classes.
    However, they *made* a budget, right? This “oh, we just won’t pay the bills” — there are hospital bills over 500 days overdue — really ought to have them all getting personal credit ratings lowered, etc.

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