48 degrees…

42 when we started.   20-30 mph winds.   Hey, its a level 1 ride so we did 9 miles with two rest breaks … the Garmin said we averaged about 9.2.   Frank, Jason, Margie and me… bragging rights.   It wasn’t “epic” because we just slowed down, thank you, and wore extra clothes.   Loaned my favorite mismatched gloves (didn’t say where I got ’em from ;)) so everybody was reasonably comfortable and worked reasonably hard 🙂

Then to farmer’s market where by then if things were going to blow over, they already had.   I didn’t see the compost bin/ rain barrel sales but I forgot to look for it until I was home and saw it on facebook… but … I’m thinking those things might have been rolling all over the place.  Could have been quite amusing while it lasted…

My new ATM card works… so I’m almost fully wallet recovered (well, I have no intention of replacing the bus pass ’cause that would be the full $84 annual cost and I hardly ride it in the summer).. .library card & job ID about all that’s left.  Oh, and zip car card 😦  which I will need… tho’ Imight cash in Enterprise points for that rental.

The new Busey Bank on Springfield (where I got my new ATM card) has nice, up-to-code bike parking.   That’s rare in “Bronze level, bike-tolerant” Champaign… but hopefully it’s a sign of the times!   And I’ll be chatting w/ News-Gazette folks Monday about Bike MOnth…


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