tHANKS, weather…

At 1:00 the hourly forecast said 100% chance of rain… and yes, they were marching towards us in psychedelic red glory.

Except then they just shrank around us to the south so … yup… home in clouds and wind, but the pavement was already dry from the little bits of rain.   Lots cooler, though! And… more coming.

Car next to me at Prospect had vanity tag “MRS SUM 1”  which made me wonder whether this was a math teacher or… “someone…”

Then on the green and goin’ down the road, “SUM ME 1” goes by.

Okay, they should have been carpooling ’cause I bet they were related.   Or not…  Curious 🙂


Better yet… I looked closely at the directions for the light — no, they don’t have good pictures.   It said to be sure to put stuff into the “IN” ports; that the one that said “OUT was for the tail light.

I remember noticing unhooked connection and … I just hooked it up.   I was curious as to why there were two places with connectors so there were actually 3 chunks of wire.   I know why there was one extra — that was an improvement over the original.   My old version … was prone to the connectors being snagged and yanked out… and that had led to the cheap and cheezy metal connectors breaking off, which was why I had switched the old one to the “OUT” port, too (which may or mahy not have actually said “OUT” — I may check.)

I tugged at teh “out” part and … dudes, we had really nailed those bad boys in there based on the previous thingy… so I stopped and thought, adn realized… d’oh, unhook from that second connector and now just plug the dude into the “IN” slot.

Now, it’s not all wham-goggled into place like the “out” one that’s just dangling is, but a trip to MakerSpace where Good WHamGoggling happens can take care of that.   It also explains how I could have seen the connection dangling … but the light still worked (because the “in” connection was dangling, and the “out” was connected to the light.)

It even explains the old light and the new one having the same symptoms, and why the old one *did* work for a while (until the connector things broke).

So I THINK the dang thing’s working — if tomorrow’s Pedaling for Pleasure doesn’t get rained out (tho’ I suspect it will) I will get a chance to test it in the dark.   I’m prob’ly going to sip this wine and check out a MOOC starting tonight rather than go out tonight for an extra mile once darkness falls, but who knows?   I’m headed for a 500 mile month even given that Saturday will be the marathon so I’ll be cloistered (I’m “inside” its loop).

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