Springi s here…

Life is skittles and life is beer!

I think the loveliest time of the year is the SPring. I do! Don’t You — of COURSE you do!

Well, I haven’t run over any pigeons, but it’s been a tad stormy.

And … I dont’ think I get *quite* as much sympathy with the Transport becasue this a.m. a white Volvo buzzed me and this afternoon another dude honked all over me and then buzzed by… but we’ll see.  Sample size and all that.   I’m thinking, though, that good drivers can see me and therefore give me the lots of room … but twerds be twerds (who think “oh, that poor homeless lady!” when they see the Xtracycle but don’t go there if it’s not pathetic looking)  …

It is definitely time to order an air horn.  Come on, there really SHOULD be something better than the plastic stupidity of Airzounds!!!  Makers!!! Get on this!!!


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