Transport day 3

… Today, happily, it rained all day — starting a little after I got to work, and ending a little before I left 🙂    I could see a cloud leaking to the South of me when I left… and it leaked enough on the ride back to get a pretty glorious rainbow.

No bike pics yet because … that phone thing’s at work, in the charger, and I don’t feel like goin’ out and taking more.

I was poised to cross Washington and a driver eastbound slowed to yield to me … I turned and looked the other way so she went through, and then I caught her eye and nodded appreciation  (African-American woman of indistinguishable age — hmmm actually a bit like the Lovely Trucker last week but I don’t *think* so  ;))

So it would seem that yes, this bicycle has at *least* as much Sympathy/Respect Generation as the Xtracycle!

I had been thinking that if I deck it out just right, it can look all kinds of Official. I’d pondered trying to make the bags look more “hi-viz official” but then realized (when I started feeling like people were giving me a pretty wide berth) that its color is, well… “Matte Metallic Bronze” — or … I don’t know, perhaps “Army” ?   Now, I’d like to try to make the thing emanate oh, a more monastic/ simple-life “uniform” message (are there any monasteries with matte metallic bronze robes?)… (thinking back to that 40 degree rainy windy day y’ars ago when the guy in the VW bus loaded to the gills gave me the best peace sign out the window — yes, you can be reverent and joyful with one hand)…

I’m thinking *hard* about the dashboard, and realized that d’uh, I should do as I would with a writing project .. .plan the thing.  It’s something even *I* could do with technology… That front carriage place could hold a box type thing with … the battery for charging the phone/tablet/whatever, perhaps a mount for the whatever, and if I can figure it out, a GoPro mount.


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