Headwinds :)

Not too severe … but enough so that I realized I was working every bit as hard as when I went jogging for 4 x 5 minutes (’bout a minute respite between each clump).   Granted, I wasn’t running hard 🙂

Will be picking up the new wheels today (unless they let me know otherwise), and in my inbox was an Xtracycle alert from somebody selling their second Xtracycle.   Ah, that legitimizes my ownership of two longbikes 🙂

SVA BBY 2 – the lady who passed me on the right, cut me off, and then rolled down her window to chastise me for not being courteous enough after breaking the law (which I hadn’t, by any stretch of imagination)– has a big 2016 ELEPHANT (republican) sticker on her car.   (When I saw it from far away last week, I thought it might say “Trump.” Bet I’m right about who she roots for.)   So — the “I’m bigger than you so I’m entitled to break the law, cut you off, endanger your life and then accuse you of breaking the law and not groveling properly to me”  attitude … is consistent with the political rhetoric she advocates.   (That’s not a generalization of all Republicans, but, alas, is of so many and the policies they support.)

Lots of debris from the 50-60mph winds of the weekend.

Will post bike pics when they are here. Need to see what I need to do to light the thing up.

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