1 lovely trucker

Cruisin’ in and pulled up to Bradley & Country Fair and there’s a big honkin’ 18-wheeler ready to left turn to Country Fair. I read the “leased from,” looking for the usual “we hire!” stuff  and read “1 Lovely Trucker” on the cab.
And she is — I was already grinning when she gave me a solidarity wave (hey, you can tell a hostile honk from a friendly honk; waves work the same way).
Whether it’s 2 or 18 wheels, we’re rollin’ !

At another intersection yesterday, two of us  were heading towards the intersection, she perpendicular to my left, and I proceeded through as she was stopping– oh, by the way, my way doesn’t *have* a stop sign — and she went by with a just-after-passing “you bicyclists never stop at stop signs!” hooooonk!!  … I gave my best inane friendly wave and smile (and then honked back)…

And yes, I got wet Wednesday evening but there wasn’t actually lightning or thunder for my commute.   I did find it a little disconcerting that at the start, the 30+ mph winds were from the southeast… and from southwest entirely not enough later.   Thems was unstable currents…

Yesterday it stopped before my a.m. commute and then before the home trip — and the 30 mph winds were Plain Old Tailwinds.   However, I wish I’d listened to my impulse a few years ago to invest in companies developing products that withstand wind…

One response to “1 lovely trucker

  1. Richard Masoner

    I’ve had that “annoyed at your existence” honk before, too. Ah well.

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