Okay, there wasn’t much.   It was really sunny in the day … with winds 28 gusting to 36 at 5:00.   Happily with the clouds, the winds tempered just enough — well, and I swapped out the Xtracycle for the Trek.

20 of us gathered at Meadowbrook Park — and nobody wanted to turn around and go back to Monical’s Pizza (which is half a mile away on the next corner). We went out to the Philo Tavern… and I wonder whether the big sign bearing its name lights up or if they save that for special occasions.   A couple of “new” people including a dad w/ kiddo in trailer … I led the caboose crew on the shortest route out which also *happens* to be the best protected, w/ those weird things called trees most of the way…

Hamm’s for a buck, dudes, and she made me a grilled cheese sandwich tho’ it wasn’t on the menu… pepperjack cheese 🙂   Oh, and brought us out an extra tray of their home-made potato chips (which I suspect were the source of my heartburn in the night which I haven’t had in prob’ly 20 years).

There’s talk of a ride/camp/ride thing this summer out to GIbson City where there’s a drive-in movie and cheap camping.   Possibilities are endless!


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