GPS fun!

Yesterday I accidentally clicked on a ride and figured out how to save a ride I had done as a “saved route.”

I’ve wanted to do that … I don’t know if it will let me do things like race myself, but…

So I clicked down to a few days back when I successfully filed My Regular Commute… and said I wanted to follow it.

It was nifty — and then I went straight across Vine and … “off course.”   Oh, yea, I must have turned rightand gone through the mall instead.

I wondered… and found out four blocks later that yes !  When I got back on course … it “found course.”

Oh, except it directed me to turn around and go who-knows-where… it couldn’t figure out that I was, actually *on* the course.   So I turned it off and turned it on again (happily there was a stop sign)… and it found it.

Oh, but … then there’s the part where I go “off road.”   It *can’t* direct me that way, so it tried to send me out and about, eventhough I could see the purple mark that said I was still *on course.*   Having the purple is helpful, and there might also be a way to set it to follow paths as well as roads, since Google Maps can do that.

And tonight will be the first 2016 full moon ride.  Sky’s clear but … gusts t0 36 mph.   Yowza.   I may lead a group to go ’round the block and to Monical’s… and I definitely need to get outta work on time ’cause … well, except if I’m doing “monicals” then I might as well take the Xtra?   Anyway, the Trek would need batteries for the assorted lights of life…

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