ROlling stereotypes

TOday on the tailwind cruise in I espied a rider behind me, weaving out around the cars on Church Street in near-gutter-bunny fashion.   He wasn’t *in* the gutter, but he was definitely huddling the parking lane and riding the door zone.

I contemplated whether I’d broach the subject… but I was going faster than he was.

Oh, until I stopped at Prospect… but he shoaled on past, to the right of the car in front, and cruised on through (probably before the green).

I passed him and, there I was at the front of the line at Mattis, but I didn’t have to decide anything because he swept over to the left lane and … oh, of course he had headphones and was in his own little world.  Just hope nobody intrudes on it….

Helped out in TS 101 Saturday and met some nifty folks — including Lily whom I’d actually already met one day a while ago on Church 🙂   THen she had been commuting to her not-fun job — now she is the Not-Car Traffic Person for the MOther U as of 2 weeks ago!   YEs, she notes, they have no funds and nobody actually wants to *do* anything… but we’ll just see 🙂

COnsidering that Transport — except I”m not sure when I’ll be by the bike shop.   Mebbe tomorrow… which is also Bike PRoject meeting…

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