Snowy :)

I confess I appreciate being forced to recognize that, in fact, fat studded front tires are really good. I wouldn’t have ridden out to Parkalnd with this forecast, but church is 2.3 miles (and not easy on the bus on Sunday morning).  I saw on the radar that it was going to Snow For Real when I was at church, so I took theGazelle (it was barely dusted on the sidewalks at the time).

Coming back into the wind (19 mph but there are those neat things called buildings in time).   Drivers were very solicitous tho’ I could ride through the snowy parts (only about 1/8-1/4 inch was on the roads — even counting choir practice before,  that and Mass aren’t that long ;)) … and then a guy on Washington saw me coming and scraped off the bike lane for me.   IT was a Sir Walter Raleigh moment 🙂   I thanked him and he said he was tryin’ to make at least a little lane… (Yes, I could have waxed “Savvy Cyclist” and lectured him that of course I didn’t need to be in no stinkin’ bike lane on the right and I had every right to take my lane, but I choose to frame things positively .)

Yes, it’s the midwest – people were drivin’ slowly and leaving room, mainly b/c visibility was a tad impaired w/ wind and blowing snow.   It’ll prob’ly get slickery about … now… as it piles up — but as usual the weather timed itself so I could do things safely 🙂

I vow, again, to try to make the camera more accessible… to show how the roads aren’t… Thursday a lady was shoving her wheelchair through the snow and traction wasn’t the best, tho’ she got to the bus stop reasonably efficiently.   Nobody even pretended to clear the sidewalk out at Dodds Park…

Based on today, I might just take the bike tomorrow depending on how much we get.   Or not 😉

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