Gazelle grinders

Yea, yea, I really should have just ridden the Xtracycle.   The roads are clear and since it was 10 degrees (12 by the time I got out to Country Fair), nothing was oozing.   Still, on the Gazelle I don’t even have to think… I can ride over the weird parts.

No, I didn’t plow through the unplowed sidewalk, though.  Yea, the City of Champaign didn’t even pretend to do anythign with this snowfall.   There was a fatbike track in it, and footprints… and I’m pretty sure I could have done it.   If it doesn’t dump on us tonight, i just might, tomorrow, to challenge my courage…

When the drivers were stacking up behind me I gesticulated at the sidewalk … and the twerd in the black and white sedan who’d been hostile previously was the second car back and didn’t do anything hostile today.   Don’t know what he was thinking, of course…

It was work 😉   The day goes better when it’s work 🙂


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