I can’t believe…

It’s all about the angles …

So I’m pedaling West on Church, approaching the bus stop, and the lady there says to me… “I can’t believe…”  and I’m wondering in the milliseconds if she can’t believe I’m riding a bike in the winter… but the end of her sentence is “she just did that to you.

A lady in a black sports car turning onto Church from a side road had made eye contact with me and proceeded because she had lots of room and time (I prob’ly nodded, too) …  not even close from my side, but obviously not perceived that way from the bus stop ahead.   Wonder if she’d said the same thing if it had been a more humble vehicle, tho’ she might also have been perceiving that the driver had waited…  looked right at me and “cut me off” anyway.   Glad to say no, she didn’t..

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