SHopping, shopping…

So… a week ago Saturday it was pretty nice and … the Gazelle’s back brake lever wouldn’t budge, period.   It’s the Gazelle, as in a Dutch bike with its own unique components… so I rode it out (a little bit carefully but… no, I’m not likely to be going fast enough to send the back end of that heavy-duty commuting bike up into the air…)  and Drew put it up on the stand.   Spent a little time cleaning the salt and grunge and didn’t even have to replace the cable, but spotted a possible frame split and possible place where water was eating out the frame from the inside.

Yes, it seems… I have worn out a Gazelle.

Trek has this Amsterdam thing, but … Trek is kinda like educational software — okay, like education and probably any other industry that’s run by a Big Entity.   If you’ve got something that’s going in a different direction, most people don’t really understand how to get it to work.  You “listen” to different people but can’t surrender control so … yes, Trek carries a commuter bike but oh, it only comes in one size.   People, last time I checked, come in different sizes.   But it’s only racers who need a good fit, right?

So the “Amsterdam” is too big — I’m not a man — and … the Townie is wretchedly wrong geometry.   I don’t like elbows in my lap.  Erm, yea, it only comes in one size, too, because it’s a “comfort bike.   Were Townies always like that or was that something that happened when Trek took over?

Drew mentioned the Transport — but I already have a longbike, the Xtracycle.  The Gazelle fills the need of a bike that will ride in crappy weather and has the lights and locks built in and taken care of (at least the front light.

The Amsterdam & Townie have built-in light versions, but the Transport doesn’t.  Its fat 26″ tires, though, will plow through crap.  It’s not all protected like the Gazelle was in its previous life (before it was left in a carport over summer and wasn’t actually protected)… but then, a nekkid chain *is* easier to clean.  The Transport’s also $820.00 which is, basically, a steal.   It actually comes in sizes — I knew when I saw it was the 17” that it had a chance of working for me (my FX bikes are both that size) … and yes, it feels right and we even measured its assorted distances compared to my Xtracycle and if we swap out handlebars they’re within millimeters.   (I actually nailed the seat height first time…)  The stupid quick-release seat will be a pain ’cause I’ll have to take it with me or leash it, except I like being able to change it on the fly.

Oh, it won’t make margaritas.  That requires Xtracycle power.

Might browse the wild Internet for gazelles….

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