No snow day here ;)

No, the sidewalk wasn’t touched again by Dodds Park.   Hoping the forecast freezing drizzle doesn’t happen Monday so I can get out and take another picture or two of how everything else can be clear and passable, days later.. .and that stretch isn’t.

Parked on Race Street to dine at Sitara — awesome Indian food and I just try not to look at the Bollywood schleck 😉   My buddies got to thank the lady who walked by and just turned off the flashlight headlight I’d left on.  Yea, it’s an Urbana thing 😉

I’d been delayed by a chunk of light getting snagged in the cable.   I was utterly unsuccessful at extracting it… flagged down a wandering student who tugged at it but alas, he was *not* of the “oh? a problem to solve?” variety… I thanked him for trying… then shifted *my* brain to “just solve this problem. Stop asking whether you can or not.”   Using the same “take it out the way it went in” that worked with my shoe in the fender … it happened pretty quickly.  Amazing what focusing on the problem can do…I s’pose this is what Yoda means with “There is no try,” though he needs to work on oversimplifying things ’cause there is *so* try.

Now to apply that same “shut up and do it” to the other things in life!

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