I intended to take the bus, really…


The forecast low was 9 when I left work… but as I poked around with my app the temperature dropped to 7 and the forecast to 3.   So, I organized to be on that bus… but when I woke up and saw “14.1” on my thermometer, and the radio told me “10” with a high of … oh, balminess… 29 … and I remembered how gorgeous it was at lunch time yesterday… I started putting on lots and lots of clothes.
Roads aren’t all the way clear — I’d have been a lot happier on the Gazelle, but its back brake isn’t working at all.   I’m willing to take that to church and… will prob’ly ride it out to Champaign Cycle Sat. morning… but I took the Xtracycle.   I acknowledged that even a little more snow and it would have been an official Not Ready for Prime Time morning.   (we got 3 inches).

and yes, thinking of my brother hearing the MidAtlantic forecast and its blizzard warnings.   People, do not, no matterh ow cold the house is, go out to your car & listen to the radio and take a nap. Blizzards bury you, and covered tailpipes are deadly.

THinking also that I will try to actually Take a Bike Ride Saturday.

2 responses to “I intended to take the bus, really…

  1. Did your brother die that way? Hope not

    • ‘fraid so. I noticed that #2 on the weather channel’s “stuff not to do ” was being in a car w/ the tailpipe not clear and wondering if they’d researched the fatalities. Baltimore Sun had actually said “terrible storm, but fortunately no fatalities” & my sister informed them otherwise and they researched and found that 2 or 3 other people had also died of CO poisoning (tho’ because of bringing grills in the house or using kerosene heaters).
      But yea, I still just can’t believe it sometimes.

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