SVA BBY 2 again ;)

Yesterday I got into the left “through” lane on Race/Elm even tho’ the right turn lane is also for bicycles,  because I go left at Main and there was a car in that lane, so I didn’t want to pull up on his right and then navigate between him and … yes, a car behind him.I signaled and cruised over, and something about the way the car behind squirted to Springfield, not Main at the fork caught my attention — oh, a very dirty white volkswagen… I wonder… yes, my “friend” w/ the SVA BBY2 license plates with whom I interacted in August several times.    I waved and smiled … hey, she didn’t whip around me on the right this time… (and yes, I”m pondering that we crossed paths on the first day of Parkland classes both semesters, yet she definitely wasn’t going to Parkland).

There was snow on the road by the time I got home, but dry.   I wonder why the sides had significantly more of the “dusting” — it wasn’t as if the path the cars travel was wet , but there just wasn’t snow there.    I suppose it could just have been blown away by the currents from the cars.

This morning that stuff was slightly packed/iced down and the wind was, well, pretty much screaming out there — and when I pulled up the weather channel, it said gusts to 50 mph.  Figured I should do my civic duty and help weigh a bus down… and should have paid more attention to twitter because CUMTD had posted that their “real time” information wasn’t running (or inferred that might be the case since the online information was schedule, not real-time).   The board said it was 8:27 and the 9B scheduled departure is 9:25 so it wasn’t up there so I had the computer out to email that I’d be late … when it was pullin’ up out there.

Fortunately, “hasty evacuation with computer” is a motor skill I’ve got down, so that while it was complicated by the extra bag with the lava lamp and the cup of tea, and I had to get on the bus and then fish the wallet out, I made it (without injury, even!)…  now to set the lava lamp up!

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