Chilly :)

Okay, now we can have a thaw.   Today’s high 14. My thermometer with the thing sticking out the window said 14 this a.m. but I’m sure it was close enough to the house to be off by a bit.   Still, I layered up and had a nice ride in — tho’ sub 20 degrees I am wanting my face covered, so I’ll have to look for the real hats for tomorrow’s commute (low tonight 10).   I might take the bus but the roads are fine — we basically got no snow — and so it’s still actually pleasant to be riding, and it’s no more dangerous than usual.

However, I did have to swap bikes … since I rode the Xtra in the 47 degree rain… I tootled down the driveway and the very slight downgrade and … no, the brakes would not move and the chain would not align.   Every thing that had been wet was frozen in place.  (Don’t ask about the color of my chain … )

The lock was all kinds of frozen, too.   Fortunately “pretend” was good enough for the service.  I brought it inside and it thawed out  nicely — and I squirt a little D-juice into it.   HOwever, when I came out of the store … the key wouldn’t go in.   Required some mouth-to-lock resuscitation to melt things and then I was rolling again.

Bike club dinner tonight and I’m bumming a ride, tho’ really as much for the social as for the weather.   Yup, post-event, 6 peeps rode. I shall think on that tomorrow deciding.


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