Rain! Testing the pants…

Got to ride home in actual drizzle-almost-rain — enough that I pulled over to switch the computer from backpack to waterproof duffel.

I’m wearing one of the two pairs of bike pants for rain from  Novara from REI.   I’m *pretty* sure these were the slightly less expensive ones which feature articulated knees and lots of reflective parts. The other pair says it’s completely waterproof.

This was definitely waterproof enough for this kind of rain, and … I forgive the pants for not having pockets, remembering that that was the weak point of the other pants I’ve had.  I think these are more “breathable” than the other ones — but I wasn’t working hard enough to need that, really.

A fellow was walking the other direction, no hat, and smiled at me with the same kind of “yup, my body was made for this” bliss 🙂

3 responses to “Rain! Testing the pants…

  1. Richard Masoner

    Which model of rain pants were these? I’m super pleased with my REI Novara Express paints. I think I’m on something like my fourth season of use with them now.

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