January :)

Does it count as “January thaw” if it hasn’t gotten nasty yet at all?

I might have convinced somebody that it’s the *thinking* about how cold it is that is colder than the reality… I snuck in a trip to the post office and went out the long way ’round the perimeter yesterday because it was just such a nice day for riding — which is true when it’s 35, *yes.*

A fellow who said he’d be coming by Friday for math review said he’d try to be “sharp at eight” but the busses… I responded that I knew about the bus timing b/c I used a bicycle and he asked if he could talk to me about that because he really wants to do that.   (I also mentioned that I didn’t judge people who really did find it too cold to ride — that I was Norwegian — and he noted he’d been born near the equator…)   Yes, I also liked conveying the idea that not depending on a car is a normal kind of thing.

Still need to find out the best tactics for getting the generator light generating again.  I’m thinking of sniffing out Busch-Muller online and sending pictures of my failed (okay, asked-too-much-of ;))  product and asking about which parts can be replaced…

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