So I went out to get the rental car this morning… on the grounds that it’s no cheaper to get it this afternoon even tho’ I’m not leaving til tomorrow.  I was *very* happy to find out that actually, I can still get the weekend rate (and to learn that it’s a 24-hours-from-when-you-left-with-it thing, so that while it’s no cheaper to get it later, that’s when your “day” ends).

Well, I arrived sans wallet.   Nothin’ to it but to make sure they knew I was still wanting the car, and hop back on the bike…. and go home fast as I could, but wiht a tailwind it was fun… and by that time I was warmed up.  The return-to-Enterprise 2.5 miles was back into the wind and it was definitely precipitating, though not intensely — just enough to feel the little prickles on my face that were somewhere between drizzle and sleet and snow — and realize that if I were inside, I’d have assumed I’d be miserable if I had to go out in it, but this felt **good.**   Sorry, I’m not hard-core — I’m just … Celtic/Norwegian/German…

Night before last I was coming home in the dark ’round 8:00 and a lady with a kid, both on bikes, asked if I had a phone… I tried not to eavesdrop admiring the kiddo’s bike but there was something about $200 for rent and how the rest of the family was in California … three phone calls later she asked if I had a car, and with mixture of disappointment/relief of course the  answer was, simply, “No.”   She handed me the phone and they rode off… (be it duly noted they *had lights!!* tho’ possibly the free ones that the “light the night” folks give away).

If I found a million dollars, I’d hire somebody to help me invest in Sister Karen’s transitional housing …


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