It was actually freezing this morning — 32 degrees.  Pretty warm for this time of year… but… I am going to have to take the poinsettias home on the bus.    If one cold night can do ’em in, I reckon 45 minutes on a bicycle could, too.   Tho’ I could bring a cooler…

Yesterday the driver of a silver family van came up behind me as I  approached Lincoln, slowed and then decide that no, s/he would go ’round and right turn right in front of me.   I laid on the horn and shouted unprintably and was saying “y88 8442” or perhaps y88 8042 to myself off and on … pretty sure it was a case of non “hostile” life-threatening… just the usual disregard for the safety of others who you don’t expect to be there.   Oh, and I tried to practice “A blessing on you and everyone you endanger today…”   and then Y88 8424 rides right by (it was a puny little car).

Just going outside in teh chill removes the dang-it-that-exam-stank blues.   There’s another lady w/ Christmas lights on her bike, too 🙂

And windows get started tomorrow!!!

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