Unseasonably Warm ;)

Maybe that’s why one of my regular howdies — man who jogs up White Street, with an altered gate indicating some kind of diagnosis — was out and about today.  I hadn’t seen him in long enough to be concerned for his health…

Last night’s charmer:   child’s voice, “ooh, a glowing bike!”   Yes, the educator in me glowed hearing a young human attaching unexpected language to observations 🙂

Wishing the government would get its act together — I *probably* won’t be among the people laid off January, but I loathe and despise that the people getting paid to pretend to govern us won’t do their jobs… but *they* won’t get laid off in January.   If you’re not in Illinois, it’s not budget cuts — they won’t make a budget at all, period, so we just don’t get any funding this year.

I also rode by a mattress put out for disposal with “BED BUGS!” marked on it.   Yes, I wished they would infest government officials’ sleeping quarters.



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