Bronze… slightly tarnished…

That’s what I think every time I roll by things like this:



Alas, I forgot about the fact that Champaign never ever clears that walk (it’s *the* path to Parkland College and those gates go to a large apartment complex with lots of students who sometimes walk there and would more often if…)   because at the Bike Summit we were asked to write things down and…

I did write down that the University/Country Fair intersection didn’t recognize my bike for left turn and last week (so roughly 35 days from the Oct 18 Summit) … it started to!   I was cruising down the middle of it…

so I’ll wish I didn’t have to… and start with posting that pic on Facebook.

The Mother U. per the second picture — that’s the same Official Bike Route on their “master plan” — that was totally inaccessible for construction for a year and a half, starting … when the “master plan” went into effect.   That’s called lip service. Construction vehicles are parked here as general practice.   THat’s called bike, pedestrian, wheelchair and anybody but the construction crew unfriendly.

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