Yesterday it wasn’t supposed to rain ’til the afternoon, so I tossed the waterproof duffel into the bags and set out. I’d intended to get my annual bus pass but had pretty much forgotten it … until it sprinkled on me just before the turn… so I figured that was my hint that the forecasts would be right and today would be horrible and stormy…

… well, it isn’t yet, tho’ I suppose if the winds were against me I might feel differently, but the numbers are different too.   Last Thursday they were headwinds 28 gusting to 35 and today it’s tailwinds 23 gusting to 28… and we’ll just see about the afternoon.

The other significant disincentive was last night’s choice to leave aySeuss at Parkland (the laptop with Android Studio)… meaning I couldn’t even intend to look at teh App of Doom on the bus trip.

And sigh, we’d ahve a better chance at even higher bike friendliness if we got commitment from that local University, like happens in Madison Wisconsin.  Fat chance mother U, unless there’s a way to “commit” that you don’t actually have to follow through on.   Ooops, this is Illinois — commitment doesn’t mean what it does where people are honest about such things.   (Our current governor is still holding the state hostage — no budget, funds are going out to those organizations who can afford to pay lawyers to make it legally required, but higher ed and adult ed and day care and mental health workers and towns trying to fix potholes and…… are out of luck and money…  I personally think it’s time to figure out a bitcoin of our own.)

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