Breezy! End of Estivation…

Yesterday’s winds were 29 gusting to 30 something riding home on the Xtracycle, and it was enough like Not Fun sot hat this morning when they’re even stronger… I hopped the bus.  (I do have a THursday church event so I’ll get some riding in.)   If I’d had enough warning, I’d have readied the Gazelle, but I haven’t ridden it since last year — I don’t even remember whether it’s still got studded tyres on it or not.   It’s the proper plow-through-wind bike, lacking the huge cargo bags that turn into sails but still having enough weight and low-center-of-gravity to feel like I’m in control.   Reckon it’s November so I should wake it up out of aestivation… I’ll need to re-up the annual pass, too ($84/ year) but I can afford the dollar fare… since I would have been the first this morning and the laminator would have had to warm up, there wasn’t time at the terminal between the Green and the Brown buses.

I was feeling a little extroverted anyway so I got to chat w/ the irregulars and a few students 😉   The bus wasn’t as crowded as it usually has been when I ride, which makes me wonder whether a lot of people are foul-weather riders.   We’ll see!

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