The little pleasures :)

I head out to the parking lot for my lunch lap and a fellow is taking a picture of my Xtracycle… and I inquire and he tells me that he has a bike like it “in my country.”   Turns out he’s one of our exchange-faculty-staff people, a photographer from Finland, here for two weeks!

Still haven’t figured out how to swap out light pieces and the next “moonlight” ride is a week from the morrow. My blazing flashlight goes through batteries 😦

Nice to be able to ride through the “fountain” on campus… but no, Mother U, it’s really, honestly not “bike friendly” to do all that prettying up of the things with decorative things on top of the wall (and their primary function might just be to keep skateboarders off), and not even smooth out the major cracks and lumps on the path … or do the curb cuts at the road.

Wearing an extra layer now… 40’s will do that ’cause I *hate* chapped legs and mine dry out too easily.

Utterly, completely *tempted* by a “Node”   so is prob’ly good thing I’m getting those windows and know I’ll be spending big bucks on something already.

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