A purr-fect ride?

So last evening I’m cruising down Clark (I think it was still Clark there, and not White yet)… and this person is approaching from the other direction, on a bike, and … he’s making purring r-rolling noises as he rolls along. No, there wasn’t a baby in front of him… but I spontaneously purred as well… as did the pedestrian to my right šŸ˜‰

Never been to a purr-in before šŸ˜‰ And no, cagers don’t get to do that… and it even happened in Champaign — not the People’s Republic of Urbana!

REckon I could take time-lapse pics of the slowly forming path ’round the fountain… tomorrow might be time to wear the “winter helmet” (the heavier, warmer Nutcase I won from Champaign CYcle that’s all rainbow-swirly like you’d wear to a purr-in :))

Oh, and did I mention the student to whom I suggested she ride a bike since she was bemoaning parking close to the building… who said, wide-eyed, “Can you *imagine* riding a bike all the way here?” I’m afraid I disclosed right away, upsetting the hopes of the folks who know I don’t imagine it at all šŸ˜‰

C’mon people… imagine… oh, and smile upon each other!

(and … kindly… stop *** shooting *** each other. Please. Please. Please.)

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