nice day :)

Granted, it wasn’t nice reading about the fellow in Washington IL who wrote to the paper saying cyclists were the new ISIS because they ride slowly in both lanes and have signs hidden by grass (so I have to guess there was a sanctioned ride that interfered wtih his life)… but concludes saying that if a cyclists challenges a driver who doesn’t feel like sharing the road the result will be a funeral, and when will they ever learn?

Hello, who’s the terrorist threatening our lives here?

Me, on the other hand, is commuting in and there’s a mess of new construction trucks amassed on Church… and I hear from a guy in the day-glo vest the surprised recognition, “Hey, Sue!”   and wonder if passing math got him a better job…

… and I really wish I had the recorder going tonight to catch the priceless sound of child singing ” …twinkle, little, star…. hey, look at that bike!” 🙂

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