Sigh, it’s August.

Oh, and then there are the yahoos who seem to come out this time of year.
SVA BBY 2 (I’m only reasonably sure about the ‘2’ part) passed me on the right on Race Street before pulling in front of me in the left turn lane. WHen I bent down and looked her in the eye in her mirror, she was inclined to roll down her window and say, ” ???? break the law, you need to be more courteous.” My initial inference was that she was saying “I didn’t break the law…” but more likely she was saying “If you’re going to break the law” as if I were, and as if **any** other choice at that intersection wouldn’t be breaking the law ’cause sidewalk riding is illegal there and making a left turn from the right hand lane is, too. (So is passing on the right and then crossing a solid white line like that…)
As the light turned green I heard myself say (’cause I *never* really know what i’m going to say), “I’m not one who needs to be courteous, young lady!” or words to that effect. I know I’ve been trying to see young female drivers (who for whatever reason are most likely to trigger anger in me) as worthy of parental type lecture as opposed to catfighting or namecalling… and of course the part that sticks most in the craw is the absurd “but I didn’t get to correct her information about lawbreaking!” as if.
I did successfully turn the brain to other things 🙂
And it’s a beautiful day, tho’ a tad warm (high 87) and we are kinda in the “could use some rain” category, tho’ that’s just as well since with rain the ‘garden’ would have turned into a true jungle last week while I was traipsing the Blue Ridge.

(afterthought: just… mAYBE… I didn’t foot-down at stop sign intersection before and she’s the rare bird who’d actually notice. More likely I Just SHouldn’t Be On THe Road in her book.)


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