Yes, it’s august ;)

I’m heading in at 9:00 this week to eat some leave hours and sleep more. This morning there were


First, as I crossed through campus on the pathetic excuse for a bike route that goes through a fountain, there was a: a lady coming perpendicular from the right with coffee in her hand and b: a fellow on a mountain bike approaching. There’s only one “sweet spot” to cross into the fountain … the coffee lady paused and I went to the right ’cause I could handle a bump or two, and the mountain bike guy slowed ‘way down….

Then not 50 yards later at Wright and White there was a truck trying to turn left on Wright *and* a bus trying to turn left onto White and it took that truck driver a few extra seconds to figure out that the bus was waving him across ’cause the bus can’t really make that turn without using both sides of the road…

After that things were their usual “traffic? what traffic?” selves, though … there were just a few more people and the construction seemed to be faster and noisier and mildly frantic. Are they really going to try to have units ready to move into for the academic year? (I remember moving into a just-finished basement apartment and Not Putting Anythign On The Ground because it just seemed a little damp… which was a good thing the second day of school when Everything Flooded.)


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