Your typical commute …

This morning’s commute was a mind bender b/c I took the route I used to take every day … ten years ago.   You do “flash back,” which happily was fun.  I entered into it and for stretches, I was that slightly younger self thinking about slightly different things — and happily, being comfortable with the comparison and what I’ve said & done since then.

It was a slightly atypical commute home because I got out of Parkland in a timely manner which means I’m in more of our “five oclock traffic,” tho’ I stopped at the store primarily because then I could weave around the totally ground up road on Country Fair and the one lane traffic with flag people.  Yes, I failed at summoning the courage to simply bound over curbs and grass.   I walked the grassy knolls between the parking lots and Church and the parking lot and University.

Where I cross Neil street is often crowded if I”m out on time.   SOmetimes there are enough cars backed up at the red light at Springfield & Neil to potentially block where I cross at White and Neil.   This is one of those intersections where cars in one lane will want to stop & let me across and I demur on the grounds that there are two lanes, thank you, with traffic… and it really hadn’t backed up to us.

So first one vehicle did that and I waved it through.   The second stopped … I waved it through.  The third came to a full stop three car lengths back of my intersection and since the other lane was clear, I proceeded.

… but what was up with that? Pure coincidence? the automatic mimicking of what the guy in front of you does?  A “this happens at 5:30 every day and we let bicycles across” custom?     Curious. Driving psychology is fascinating.

Then I’m coming in on Main and remembering that when I was tidying up at work and shutting lots of things down and gathering lots of stuff I usually gather– knowing I’m taking all next week off for vacation — I reflected that I hoped I wouldn’t meet my demise in the upcoming week, which I think anybody who’s on a bicycle in traffic should consider (like sailors on the sea). I looked around at the Main and Springfield intersection and wondered how I could meet (and avoid by perceiving)  said demise and saw two very large, very dark men take Big Steps down the sidewalk and then step back into a little cubby like — oh, like they were going to smoke a cigarette or trade some secret — or like some scene from an adventure movie where somebody was about to Have Bad Things Happen To THem.   Clearly, they were My Demise!!!     I chortled … and one of the guys grinned  and waved back at me, as I pulled out and I waved back.   I am sure neither of us were thinking anything the other would guess in our wildest culturally divergent dreams… but smiles and waves are good things. It was quite possibly one of those moments when I strike people as being special 😉   …

And then it was stopping by Common Ground and yes! they have cans of Fat Tire, so I can bring ’em along camping 🙂   And yes!  My Limefuel battery has arrived (people steal bikes out of drivewayw and  garages around here, but … not stuff delivered to your porch. Another cultural mystery…)   — the “rugged” ones are not in stock but I’ll treat it nicely.

TIme to find stuff 🙂

One response to “Your typical commute …

  1. Richard Masoner

    I’ll take a previous route for old times sake like that on occasion. Interesting to see how traffic patterns change over time.

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