I wonder if the Gold & Platinum & DIamond “bike friendly” communities are “friendly” to the point where even when they’re doing construction, they think of bicyclists as important.

Of course, Illinois has an especially bad rep as far as that goes — the poor fellow Boub — who was injured on a construction site that allowed traffic when dangerous enough to injure him — lost his court case because he was deemed “not an intended user” (since it wasn’t a “bike route” or “bike lane”) … which doomed us for *years* of governments being unwilling to do anything for bicycles because “then we would lose a lawsuit!”   THe fact that communities build things like sidewalks and swimming pools and are willing to take the risks because of the benefits to the community took a while to penetrate, but things are better now…

Still, right now my commute is far from friendly just because I”m dodging tractor trailers and backhoes and going over chewed-up grooved surfaces and constricted lanes and I’m fairly certain that people aren’t thinking of/ looking for bicycles.   I’m also glad I didn’t have time to top off the tires — soft ones definitely go over the grooved stuff more nicely, tho’ I can’t go too fast for fear of pinch flats on the bumps and grinds.

Taking a southern route on the morrow, but it’s Summer in this town so there’s construction everywhere…

One response to “Con STRUCTION

  1. Andy in Germany

    Yup, same here in car-centric Germany. The town recently put in some painted, short and rather dangerous cycle lanes with much fanfare and promptly filled them with barriers.

    My personal annoyance is the way that roadworks on a road mean very carefully signed diversions (usualy ignored by drivers who find ‘faster’ routes down unsuitable roads with their Navi), whereas the first you know when a cycle way is closed is a barrier across it…

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