Squeakless clean!

My back brake on the Trek had developed a squeak that had become a shriek… and it felt horrible and rough.   I toyed with the idea that its was like driving on gravel and while annoying, not *really*unstable — I wans’t going to fall over or not brake or anything.

So I got ready to go for a long Friday ride … wind from the East … and realized I didn’t have my phone.  Okay, the ride will be out to Parkland to hopefully retrieve it.

I got downtown and at Main turned around.   I was spending my attention wondering when I’d have to brake next… and decided that it was the Sound of Something Being Destroyed even if the brake pads looked *fine* and the rim looked *fine.*

I rode the Xtracycle out to Parkland and back; yes, the phone was there… and realized that the Campus bike project prob’ly wouldn’t be too all-fired busy and they’d have stuff like new brake pads.

Welp, James looked at the bike and said, “First, clean your rims. They’re FILTHY!!”  They didn’t look filthy to me — yes, lots of black streaks, but they weren’t “dirt.”  He tells me (without me asking) that rubber comes off the brake pads when things heat up and it builds up… and hands me a Simple Green bottle and a green scourer.

Half an hour later I’m on my way because yes, black stripes **disappeared** and yes, that was the source of the shrieking.

So it’s not squeaky clean — it’s better 🙂

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