So black sedan #1 goes by me on Country Fair and I notice the vanity tag that ends in “TWN” and I think, “Twin?”

Well, the very next car followed it ’round the turn; same color sedan and probably same model and its tag ended in “TWN2.”

Figured out vacation dates which will, alas, almost certainly be a bike-free week; it’s up in the mountains and the folding bike isn’t anywhere near ridable, and it’s the only bike that would fit nicely in a rental that would like the rocky roads to not-Dublin we’ll be camping next to.  That prob’ly contributed to getting on the bike after work, even tho’ I’d gotten the “lunch lap” miles in b/c the storms Did Not Get Us, and deciding it was too hot to go more than once around.  Hoping I can take the “must get more miles” motivation  to transfer over to my little math project… but there’s no “NationalSuesProjectChallenge” to post to like there is a NationalBikeChallenge.   We’ll see 🙂

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