Go Fourth!

I’ve been taking advantage of the legality of consuming beer in public (because it’s July fourth — a local thing :))  so the thought of posting the picture daunts me … but we went out for the “perimeter ride” and on the way back home, I saw on Anderson … a walker.

A walker, in the road.   Just sitting there.  Not a person, a thing a person leans on to get around.  Just sitting out there.

I wondered.

And then, oh, a few hundred feet ahead, a man… with a cane… walking.   Walking without the walker.  Yes.  I was inspired.

And when I took a picture of the walker on the other side of hte road, the guy from the driveway beside me struck up conversation and no, I couldn’t say “hey, isn’t that flogging inspiring?!?!?”   but instead that well, I’d ridden 40 miles and getting off the bike to take a picture seemed like a good idea and he agreed that the way you keep going is to keep going and that was how *he* approached being in his 90’s (he could have passed for 60).

Came home,  noticed that I’d done 5 fewer miles than the fellow ahead of me in the national bike challenge and took the 5 mile route to my friend’s house, who was doing mad gardening.

A fellow rode by on a bike and said, “what are you doing with those lilies?”  (which were being dug up and plopped into a trash can).   Welp, he ended up dropping his bike at the apartment around the corner and coming back with 3 beers which is legal to drink on fourth of july here in your yard out in public and a copy of “Charles Melvin Price Late a Representative from Illinois — Memorial addresses delivered in Congress.”   Because he is Bill Price.   And utterly nerdly historical conversations ensued.

When he came back to drop off the handtruck that he’d used to tote the lilies, he came with Old Rasputins.   I took mine home — at 9% it’s a drink for at home 🙂


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