wet, cool summer

Two summers ago I was hiding inside on those Fridays Off in the summer — temps in the hundreds will do that.

Today’s THursday off before fourth of july and … 74 degrees in the heat of the day. Yes, June broke record for rain for the month and was .o7 inches from wettest month ever in the whole wide record-kept world.

I rode out to St. Joe — past the folks from Varsity Striping on Washington who were painting lines without closing the roads.  Something about painting and then a guy running behind dropping sand or some kind of powder on the stuff. Of course, with the truck there people were going around, anyway but no cones or nuthin’.  (Yes, coupla guys taking care of traffic.)

Out on the prairie there were still some drownign cornfields adn beanfields… and tons of chipping andoiling and “road closed for.”

Coming out of St. Joe I saw a guy heading East on 1700 — don’t know where he was coming from.   He had a pretty big pannier with stuff in it and a safety vest on and I went by and said hello and he didn’t answer… he was pretty much grimacing … the bike was creaking … I *think* he went a little faster after I went by.   I ducked down 2000 to see how it would be for a ride and  the Garmin told me it was nice but required a quarter mile on 150 so I turned around and saw the guy cross… but he was out of sight by the time we were going the same  direction again.  A mile later (1900) and 1700 N (Eastbound that I was riding on) was “closed for oiling.”   I went South and met w/ construction crew person directing me around wet asphalt to where 1900 was graveled up…. so I turned back around.   I guess Mr. Vest went that way and kept going, but I was up for a few more miles so I just went back North to1850 … but 1800 going South was *also* closed for oiling.

I decided to brave 1700 hoping that I was either south of the house with the bad dogs or that the dogs were still in government custody (their third chomping on cyclists — tho’ the third time was “just” on a sandal, not skin — had led to that)… when two guys on bikes came by goin’ the other direciton I figured I was okay.

They were still striping on Washington … and I netted 29 miles (should have been 23).   Tonight — moonlight ride!  Tme to *try* to get my light working…

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