A week pretty much away from electronics, except the Garmin 🙂   I successfully mounted the handlebar bag… but apparently the skinny cable I thought was for security and didn’t install  is to hold it up and keep it from drooping over, say, a light and it droops badly.   It was nice, though, for tossing the battery to keep the Garmin going when I didn’t charge it properly at night.   I didn’t get the USB port working and in the many handlebar swings of a 250 mile week some wires are no longer attached — but I think not the soldered ones so we might have victory there.

It’s possible that I could get 1000 miles this month — 753 as of last night. Yesterday I was just tooling around for a “oh, get an extra mile” loop around campus and … a truck w/ a Wild Card Racing decal went by and I was shamed into cutting lap time to 6:44 and 6:06 (it’s 1.45 miles so six minutes is about 15 mph average, which with 18 mph winds and a 45 pound bike is the equivalent of 18 undrafted mph).   Today’s ambition is to actually get outta here on time and … I rode the Trek so I *can* do that 18mph 🙂   Oh, and I’m 58 miles behind Howard on bike journal … but if he slips hsi monthly century in this week that’ll keep him out there.

Do I get bonus points if I get 1000 miles *without* a metric century or longer ride?

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