Construction instruction

Welp, first — *nobody* was working on either of the two big apartment thingies going up this morning and it’s a gorgeous day.  I’m thinking there must have been a Meeting Of Some Kind.

Last night the Wednesday Pedaling for Pleasure troop went out to Rising to visit the grain elevator and the womannequin out there with her hardhat and riding crop.   I knew when I made the decision that something was happening on some bridge. The bridge was Bradley and traffic was one way with a traffic light enforcing it on a timer.

We went through as fast as we could on the way over and while it turned green for the other guys, they didn’t ride into us, but waited for us and the cars… and yes, people peeled by – but not closely, just quickly.

Both times, we got the green when we were a a bit back and it still would have been green to start up the bridge, but we stopped and waited for a cycle so we could start at the very beginning.  In fact, on the way back we took off as soon as the clump of cars had gone by, a good ten seconds before we got the green.   No, BLOKE 2, we didn’t hug the side and let you by.   We preceded the green this time but BLOKE2 needed to buzz us anyway.   I was compelled to inform the planet that if you’re going to ride like a jerk, vanity tags aren’t a good idea.  I mean, all I know about the morning “stop sign?  You’re just a bicycle, I don’t need to stop” guy was it was a guy in a blue sedan that started with R28.

Yes, these things seem to happen seasonally.

Now, there were at least a dozen other drivers who were extra courteous… and the resident of the “hobbit house” came out and chatted about it with us (a house built into a constructed hill).   Basically it was a nifty ride — and a 40 mile day for me, since I got the commute and laps at lunch and before the club ride. We’ll see about trying for 1000 miles in June…

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