Moonlight :)

About 35 people were out at the moonlight ride tonight, which is pretty good considering it was about 50 degrees, and it took to misting on us on the way back.   I realized riding in that I should be grateful the warm air *hadn’t* moved in yet because that just might have turned it into lockdown fog.   Miss Jones does not like riding in fog.

I failed at my attempt to solder, even with my “helping hands” magnifying glass with alligator clips.   I even switched to the pair of still healthy brads (if that’s what you call them) as time was running otu but … I am wondering if I was just trying to go too carefully/slowly.   I also want to figure out how to replace the broken guys… I’ll try & get pics tomorrow.    Looks like another trip to MakerSpace … I do want it functioning by GITAP if possible…

Met a nice lady named Alida coming out of the Faculty Summer INstitute conference where I’d presented about Open Educational Resources.   She’s here for the summer from Argentina and got a nice bicycle from The Bike Project and heard about assorted rides and was on the Saturday Saunter *and* the moonlight ride.   I have a feeling she’ll be feeling the ride tomorrow but with satisfaction, too…    I didn’t get a chance to run today so I’ll probably demur on the Monday ride and jog instead, but perhaps…

And I hear the truck blocking the path is still there — with added notes to mine.   I’ll add something else if it’s still there tomorrow…

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