Love the midwest

Yes, a lot of it is the big honkin’ Xtracycle and the purple blue and yellow lights don’t hurt… but I’m waiting at the four-way stop a litlte extra because that guy would have let me roll (or was assuming I wasn’t going to stop, except with the blue circle lights that’s not likely)… He proceeds and the *pizza delivery guy* behind him does not peel wiht him, but simply waits.

When I say “sneaking up behind you” to the pedestrians on campus, they *apologize* and step aside (path was wide enough) and then admire my lights.

Oh, and the Pedaling for Pleasure group is cruising down Duncan and this car just. stops. a hundred yards in front of us… as we go by, “Hi Miss Sue!!!”   and then they proceed. (That’s right, no other cars went by…)

But… OER are like bicycles!

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