Stealing ideas

It’s really nice to be back on the bike every day and being able to be on auto-pilot.

I described a bike I’ve seen parked at work w/ a bungee cord coiled four or five times around top tube and bike parking loop and someone said, “maybe it’s not for security; maybe it’s just to keep the bike from blowing over.”

D’oh!   Since I haven’t gotten around to ordering up the monster kickstand for my Xtracycle, and since I swapped out a normal kickstand for a non-monster raise-the-front-wheel two-pronger that is okay but not that stable, that’s an issue… but not today.   I plopped a bungee on my own bike.  (However, I also locked it …)

Spring break is done and yes, there was a constant stream of bike traffic on the ride in.  I even worked up a leetle beet of  sweat ’cause it’s warm enough (42) to do that without snagging an evaporation chill…

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