Did not pi

There was a “pi” ride today … departing on 3/14/15 at 9:26 and planning to ride oh, 53.589793238462643383279502884197969399375  miles or so.

When the weather forecast said “dense fog advisory until 9” it tipped me to sticking to the home front… and making a failed attempt to cash in my coin jar.

Coins weigh a *lot,* by the way.   Two fruitcake tins are enough to really mess with handling (I had ’em on the deck of the Xtra so they were up pretty high).   HOwever, the Main Street Busey isn’t open Saturdays (no, I wasn’t going to pour the coins into the drive-through tube the five or six times it would have required ;)).

Dashing out to do two laps informed me the decision was wise; my pulled muscle in my shoulder (wreaked by attempting to use an exercise ball I think… yes, I’ll keep doing that but more carefully…)   is really tight.

I looked back over last year’s bikejournal and saw I was thinking of Calvin’s Challenge … and felt like “no way!” … but of course I”ve often felt “no way!” about rides I’ve done really well on… and setting the “220 miles between V-Day and St. Pat’s” has me … doing 14 miels today that I wouldn’t have done. So, microgoals it shall be…

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