Raining but ridable :)

It’s been really nice this week to get back into my accustomed rhythm with the planet. Tuesday’s ride in also had the now-expected level of bicycle traffic — generally at least one bicycle in view, and getting passed once or twice. (Yea, I’ll start going faster, next week.)

Last night I was riding through the potholes and sticks and leaves on Main Street and thought I heard that special little noise of Somethign Falling Off the bike.   Except it was a *tiny* noise… except, I told myself… when I failed to  actually *ride back* and retrace my route the last time this happened, three hours later a nice man was at my door with my wallet in his hand, having picked it up off the middle of the road.

So I turned around (I’m glad to say the decision took fewer than 10 seconds; I only argued the point with myself three times).

Hey, my midget clip-it flash drive is bright green, so I had no trouble seeing it.

It still utterly amazes me that these 54-year old ears *heard* that thing fall.   I shall take it as a sign and consider those files blessed (it is my back-up of my Camtasia efforts).


I actually took a photograph that I *like* (tho’ if I were more into the craft, I’d photoshop the telephone wire with snow doing the horizontal distraction out of it):   buswinter   That was the Monday after the Sunday Ten Inches.    Then there’s this little picture of the effects of albedo: icecompressed


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