So this winter is not as snowy as last year … and it’s still true:   if I get on ye little trainer for 5-6 minutes I can ride in comfortably at 10 degrees.   Did church at 7 this a.m. and should have covered up the skin on my face but the little purple gloves were enough… tho’ I think tomorrow mornign I’ll put an extra jacket over everything.   I had two skinny base layers, a sweater, a wind jacket and a jacket jacket on top and two skinny base layers, cotton pants and snow pants on the bottom… and my mesh sneakers and orange socks on the bottom; for the full commute I’ll remember to go with the boots since my feet were starting to get cool (yes, I’m a genetic anomaly).

Time to get the rest of today’s 10K with a trip to go watch teh game!


4 responses to “February…

  1. “So this winter is not as snowy as last year” I think your just in a more summer like area than me.

  2. LOL … *anywhere* on the planet I think would be ‘more summer’ than you this winter, tho’ just to the south they’re getting 6-8 inches. HOw deep is it where you are??

  3. Sounds like us last year except for that little GUlf of Mexico factor that meant we had about 10% of your volume each time…

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