Being safer ’cause I ride

I overheard somebody talking about coming in to work today who’s got a twisted knee because … surprise! black ice on the parking lot.

Okay, I do  not know whether or not she was surprised — she might have been just carefully navigating it and fallen anyway, but I suspect not.

However, I rode the Gazelle and its studded front tire today *because* the weather guy said we had mist and fog, and it was 32 degrees.   I ride my bike, so I listen to the weather, and I know that little particles of moisture do this thing called freeze at 32 degrees.   I pay 10 times the attention to the weather details than car-culture folks.

That won’t stop the inattentive schmudge from running me down, but I”m more likely to see it in time and dive out of the way… and I’ve happily occasionally brushed against that happy condition of wanting to get out and ride right now, thank you, which only happens when I’m starting to get in shape…


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